Live Casino Australia – Full Review

Live Casino Australia - Full Review

The online gambling sector is quite popular. As a result, a large number of new casinos are created every day in various nations throughout the world. The greatest Australian live dealer casinos have many characteristics as well as others that are unique.

If players know what to search for, they may easily find high-quality casinos with live croupiers, rapid gaming, and great video streaming. For example, a live casino must be secure, fair, and have a positive reputation. The availability of several banking choices will make it simpler to make deposits and request withdrawals.

Important Information About Live Casino Australia

What you can enjoy about gambling in Australia:

  • Australia’s total gambling expenditure is more than AUD 25 billion each year. Sports betting and land-based gambling account for a large portion of this, but it’s easy to see why online casinos place such a high value on the industry. 
  • This means that Australian gamblers get access to dozens of the world’s greatest live dealer casinos. It is a highly competitive sector, and customers can gain a lot.
  • In Australia, online gambling is not controlled by a single, unified body. Licensing and regulation are instead delegated to state-specific agencies. This puts Australian Internet casinos at risk and is one of the reasons the laws are so ineffectual. 
  • Fortunately, Australians may easily visit offshore casino sites, providing them with lots of possibilities. The majority of the restrictions are directed at service providers rather than users.
  • Furthermore, cryptocurrency gambling, such as on Bitcoin online casinos, has grown in popularity in recent years. The opportunity to gamble with cryptocurrency provides gamers with the assurance that local regulation will never stand in their way.
  • Software providers and gambling platforms are increasingly more widely available to players. Of course, there are drawbacks to cryptocurrency, but there is a reason why people use them so frequently.
  • Unfortunately, the Australian Dollar is not widely accepted by foreign online casinos. Of course, Australian gambling sites or Australian-facing casinos accept AUD payments, but offshore casinos rarely do.

How Does a Live Dealer Casino Operate?

After logging into your online live casino roulette or gambling room, navigate to the live casino or live dealer casino button in the casino lobby, which also provides additional gambling games hosted by professional dealers, such as live casino slots. Select your game and set up a table. 

The croupier may be seen through the casino’s camera in a live broadcast from a land-based casino. You’ll be able to hear the genuine dealer speak and direct players to place bets, and don’t forget that you may converse with the croupier in real time via the chatbox.

You place your online casino bets with your live dealer in the normal way, by picking bet locations on the roulette table or actions at the blackjack table, but the action is handled by a real person, not a machine. 

A live casino blackjack dealer, for example, will hand actual cards to ‘you’ and they will be presented on-screen for you to hit or stand on. A live casino roulette game is similar in that you put virtual bets while watching a real ball spin around a real wheel. When it comes to a stop, the live casino dealer will indicate its location, and the computer will calculate the winning bets.

Live Dealer Casino: Advantages And Disadvantages

Live Dealer Casino: Advantages And Disadvantages

So, what makes a Live Dealer casino online preferable to typical top-down games? To begin with, when you play at a live roulette casino, you get to see an actual wheel being spun, so if you have worries about a conventional Internet casino’s RNG (Random Number Generator), seeing the human side may alleviate your concerns about questionable software. That also applies to live casino blackjack and baccarat: in live dealer casino games, the card shuffling is overseen by a live human.

You may also communicate with the croupier through your live online casino chatbox. Simply put in what you want to say – maybe you have a rule question or just want to talk – and the dealer will answer by reading your query on their monitor.

Despite the excitement of playing casino live dealer games, they are significantly slower than traditional online versions. You also can’t multi-table as you can with the latest web casino varieties showing online, such as multi-ball roulette and multi-hand blackjack. That’s something to think about if you’re trying to play through a play-intensive cash bonus.

Difference Between Card Games And Live Dealer Casino

Online casino software has dramatically improved in recent years, and whether you want to play real money pokies, online keno, or any type of poker game, the quality of the graphics plays a key role in transporting you to the exciting and dynamic ambiance of a land-based casino. This is especially true for live dealer games, which are a unique feature of online casinos.

Popular games in live dealer lobbies include live poker, live blackjack, live keno, live roulette, live casino slots, and live bingo, among others. Some newcomers may become puzzled and disoriented when they see all of these titles. Simply said, the live dealer provides live streaming games as they occur in real time. A dealer is always a genuine person who stands in front of cameras and directs the game in the same manner that it is done in traditional casinos. The atmosphere when a player sees real tables, real cards, or a real roulette wheel, and the fact that the bets are placed via live chat so that the means of communication with the dealer are also sort of real, are probably the main advantages of online casinos with live dealers.

Live Casino Games: Pros And Cons


Here we combined all the basic advantages of using a live casino:

  • A dealer takes part rather than a machine hosts;
  • A live casino is an excellent solution for individuals who are unable to visit a physical casino but wish to participate in live games; 
  • Gaming sites that focus on live casino games provide substantial welcome bonuses made just for this kind of game;
  • The games available in online casinos are more socially oriented. You may communicate with the dealer via the interface’s chat function.


Before playing, you should also have a look at its cons:

  • The variety of games might be limited on some live casino sites.
  • All of the broadcasts are in real-time. If your connection is bad, there’s a chance you’ll get transmission interference.
  • Free play is not an option in online casinos.

How Can I Participate In Live Casino Games?

Live games at Internet casinos can be more unusual, as players cannot actively detect opponents’ emotions, gestures, and so on. As a result, a casino live online might be a bit more difficult for newcomers, therefore the advice is to enter the live games after you have played the offline game at least once.

The guidelines for getting started with live casino games are the same as for the rest of the gaming options:

  1. Register;
  2. Make a deposit (most online casinos support bitcoins);
  3. Claim your bonuses;
  4. Start playing.

Live Games Diversity 

Even at the best live casino online, the range of live games cannot be compared to the availability of online games in general. The restricted availability is simply explained by the operational requirements necessary to host a single live game (dealer, setting, light, cameras, live streaming, and so on) in comparison to a standard pokie. As a result, in most casinos, live games are associated with luxury games accessible in offline casinos.

The most popular live dealer games available at casinos are Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Casino Hold’Em, as they are the most popular among Australian players. However, some provide these titles as well as many more. 

For example, depending on the online casino and, more significantly, the online casino game provider, you may be able to play live games such as Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Three Card Poker, Live Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, and others. 

Always verify that you completely understand the specific game’s rules, gaming requirements, and payout structure before attempting to play any live dealer game or any other online or even land casino game for real money.

Payment Methods Popular in Australia

Payment Methods Popular in Australia

Australians typically finance their online casino accounts with credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, Bitcoin, or Wire Transfer. 


Visa and MasterCard are two of the most popular and widely accepted online payment options. Both are accessible as deposit and withdrawal methods at gambling sites all around the world are simple to use and quite safe. Transactions are quick and dependable, limits are frequently larger than with other payment methods, and withdrawn cash is instantaneously available via ATMs. 


Bitcoin is digital money with several advantages that make it a popular choice among online gamers. Transactions are completed more quickly than with typical banking systems, and the user remains entirely anonymous. There is no need to convert currencies or wait for an overseas transaction to complete. You should just open a Bitcoin Wallet and top it up at a Bitcoin Exchange, which is a really simple and quick process. After registering with an online casino, the player will be prompted to enter a wallet address and deposit the appropriate amount at a specified address.

Wire Transfer 

This is essentially a transfer of funds from one bank account to another, and it may be used for both deposits and withdrawals. This is an excellent alternative for gamers who do not have credit cards or do not like using them for Internet payments. 

You may avoid giving your personal and bank account information to Internet businesses and risking identity theft by using Wire Transfer. It may be a slower option than those described above, and it may come with a price more frequently, but it is quite secure.


Is it allowed to talk to real dealers?

Yes. Most providers include a chat feature for their live casino games. The dealer can receive messages from you, which will show up in the chat box.

Are live games honest?

Yes. All live casino games are completely fair. They are run by live dealers (actual humans), who have the same training as croupiers in a typical casino. Furthermore, the pit bosses keep a watch on the dealers to guarantee that the live games are being handled fairly.

Can I first test out live casino games for free?

Yes, but you must first register. Free demonstrations are occasionally accessible to everyone in online casinos; however, they are tied to auto-led games. The restrictions for live gaming are a little harsher since a live game involves a real person working there. Even if a casino offers a demo version of a live game, you must first register to access it. However, keep in mind that not every online live casino offers free trials for live gaming.

Are there any live casino alternatives available for mobile and tablet users?

Yes, any device with a browser and a reliable Internet connection may access any casino live online. We advise utilizing antivirus software to protect your sensitive data from hacker threats if you play at a casino using a browser rather than a native program. Make sure your Internet connection is safe (avoid using public WiFis).

Do live dealer casinos accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Yes! You may use your deposit to create your player account on whatever games you like, including live dealer lobbies, and there is no need to make a separate deposit for one or more gaming sections. So, if your preferred online casino supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin, you may use them on live dealer games as well. 

Is it prohibited in Australia to use a VPN to gamble at live casinos?

Certainly not. Every Australian citizen has the right to keep their Internet activities private. Furthermore, all Australian gaming legislation targets operators rather than customers. You cannot be legally sanctioned if you are using a VPN to play casino online games in Australia.