How to play Blackjack — your trustful guide

How to play Blackjack — your trustful guide

This expert review contains information on how to play Blackjack. You will learn about the rules and strategies of the game. Read about the technique of counting cards and learn about the value assigned to each of them. Find out more about one of the most popular online casino games and play it for real money or for free.

What is Blackjack? 

Blackjack is perhaps one of the most popular games in the vast world of cards. The roots of the game go far back to France in the XIX century. At that time, in almost every gambling establishment in Paris, it was customary to play “vingt-et-un”, which in French sounds like “twenty-one”. 

Blackjack is now one of the three most popular online casino games along with Roulette and Baccarat. Its advantages are simple rules, favorability to players, exciting gameplay and the presence of varieties with interesting changes in the rules. During the existence of Blackjack, various game strategies have been developed aimed at increasing the chances of players winning. 

In online casinos, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is responsible for the dealing of cards. This guarantees protection against fraud and the predetermination of the result. The game is usually offered in variants with one deck, double deck, 4 decks, 6 decks or 8 decks. It is more profitable for players to play those variations in which fewer decks are used. In this case, they can count cards and increase their chances of winning.

How to start playing online Blackjack? 

How to start playing online Blackjack? 

To start playing Blackjack, you need to choose an online casino. You can find hundreds of Australian gambling sites in the portfolio of which this game is available. However, the choice of platform should be made consciously so as not to get on a phishing site. Pay attention to the legality of the gambling operator, whether he has a license, with which payment services and gaming providers he cooperates. Then follow our instructions: 

  1. Create an account on the site of your choice. The registration process usually takes several minutes and requires entering a username, password, email address and individual data;
  2. Make a deposit. Use a suitable payment method, for example, an electronic wallet or bank transfer;
  3. Start playing Blackjack! 

Please remember that in the future you will need to go through the account verification process. This is necessary for the withdrawal of funds. You can also play Blackjack for free. Many online casinos offer this opportunity to expand their customer base. To take advantage of this opportunity, you don’t even need to register and make a deposit. Just launch the free demo mode and have fun.

Rules of the Blackjack 

The main rule of Blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21 points and not exceed this number. In this case, the player’s hand must be higher than the dealer’s. The one who goes over 21 points loses. The worst situation for a player is when he has 17 points on his hand. It is very difficult for him to request an additional card because he can easily exceed 21 points. Therefore, gamblers often prefer to stay at 17 points, hoping that the dealer has fewer points or a Bust (more than 21). 

Here’s what the basic gameplay looks like, according to Blackjack rules:

  • Players place bets before the cards are dealt;
  • The dealer deals 2 cards to each player;
  • The dealer deals himself one card or two (this applies to the American version of the game);
  • If one of the players has 21 points in his hand, he automatically wins. For the rest, the game continues;
  • Players who have less than 21 points can decide to take the third card (Hit) or keep their hand (Stand);
  • If a player has taken the third card and the value of his hand is more than 21 points, then he has lost;
  • If a player has Blackjack in his hand after the third card, then he has won;
  • If the dealer has Blackjack in his hand, all players with less than 21 points lose. 

If you win, then you get a payout, depending on the size of your bet. Start the next game session. 

Online Blackjack card value chart 

Understanding Blackjack card value is a prerequisite for a successful game. This will allow you to analyze the strength of your hand and plan your actions after the basic dealing of cards. 

So, according to the Blackjack rules, the cost of cards is as follows: 

  • Cards from 1 to 10 are equal to their nominal value;
  • Jack, Queen and King = 10;
  • The ace is 1 or 11 (depending on the hand’s points). 

Thus, the hand is made up as a result of the sum of two cards. For example, after the hand is dealt, the player has a King and a 10. In total, they give 20 points. This is a very good result, as close as possible to 21. The player has almost won unless the dealer has scored 21. He does not need to score a third card.

Types of Blackjack online game 

Online Blackjack has several variations in which you can play on gambling sites. The rules in them have some differences, so we recommend choosing exactly the version of the game whose rules you know well. 


This variation of the game is loved all over the world. A lot of Aussie online casinos offer it to their customers. Here are some important rules: The player is allowed to double the bet if the sum of cards in his hand is 9, 10 or 11. Split is prohibited for cards worth 4, 5 and 10. The dealer can take the second card only after the cards are dealt to all players


This version of the game enjoys the highest popularity among players. Its main difference from other variations is that the dealer deals himself two cards – one open and the second closed. If the open card is an Ace or its value is 10, then the dealer must immediately open the closed card. If the sum of the cards in the hand is 21, the game ends. All players who have less than 21 points lose. The customer with 21 points in his hand gets his bet back

Spanish 21 

This version is suitable for advanced players. It’s important difference from other Blackjack variants is that there are no 10s in the deck. This significantly increases the casino’s chances of winning. 

There are other varieties of the game, for example, Caribbean Stud. You can practice different Blackjack variants and choose the one you like the most.

Blackjack Strategies 

Card games are good because they can use different techniques that increase the chance of winning. Blackjack also has such strategies. It is important to note that their use is not prohibited by the rules, because no technique guarantees 100% winnings. 

Blackjack Basic strategy

This is the easiest technique to understand and use. You need to compare your hand with the dealer’s hand and react accordingly: double the bet, take the third card, pass, etc. Many beginners are very afraid to take the third card when they have, say, 12 points in their hand. They are afraid that they will lose if a card with a face value of 10 points falls out because of this, such players choose a Stand and reduce the chances of winning by 4%.

Martingale strategy

This famous technique is widely used in various genres of games. This is a high-risk, high-reward Blackjack strategy. The player who applies it must double his bet after each defeat. Thus, when he wins, he will instantly win back the entire amount of past losses and even earn the amount of the original bet. After winning, the player must return to the size of the original bet. Its size must be determined before you sit down at the virtual table. 

You can also learn other techniques of the game. Their competent use can give you pleasant emotions and lead to large winnings.

Blackjack counting card technique 

Experienced gamblers use not only game strategies to lure luck in Online Blackjack. Many of them use the technique of counting cards. With its help, you can predict which cards are left in the deck, and evaluate the chances of collecting a good hand. 

The easiest to learn and use the Blackjack counting cards technique is the Hi-Lo strategy. To use it, you need to assign a special value to each of the cards: 

  • So, for cards with a face value of 7, 8 and 9, the added value is zero;
  • Cards with a nominal value from 2 to 6 have added value of +1;
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten have added value -1. 

Players who use the Hi-Lo strategy need to do arithmetic calculations in their heads after each card. For example, if a 3 was dealt, then you need to add 1 to the score, and if a Jack is dealt, then you need to take 1 away.

There are also more advanced card counting techniques, but to use them effectively, you should raise the level of your game.

Live Blackjack 

Customers of many online casinos have the opportunity to play Live Blackjack. In this version of the game, there is a real dealer and a real table located in a gaming studio or a land-based casino. On the monitors of the players, the graphics of the cards are displayed, which are read by the table in the studio after the distribution. Otherwise, the process is identical to the process of playing virtual Blackjack. Players can place bets, Hit, Split, Stand or Surrender.

Tips for playing Blackjack 

Tips for playing Blackjack 

You can easily lose your money when playing Online Blackjack if you don’t play wisely. This game is one of the most favorable to gamblers, but only to those who know its rules well and know how to apply them. 

Use some of our tips to increase the level of your game and get closer to the status of a professional: 

  1. Control the size of your bet. There is no need to strive to recoup quickly after a loss, significantly increasing your bet amounts can lead to the loss of the entire bankroll;
  2. The basic Blackjack strategy is useful. Use the simple tips from this technique to know when to request a third card, make a split or keep the hand unchanged;
  3. Do not split two cards worth 10 points each. This is a common mistake of newbies who think that swapping, say, two Queens can double their profits. However, according to statistics, you change the high chances of winning by 20 points, at the risk of losing if you get the wrong cards that you wanted;
  4. Emotions can hurt. There is no need to react painfully to defeat. This can lead to problems for your bankroll if you want to recoup quickly. Follow your strategy and you will be close to winning;
  5. Time management is very important. Spend as much time playing as you feel comfortable. The longer you play, the higher the chance that you will start losing money due to a loss of concentration.

Most Common Questions

Is it difficult to learn how to count cards in Blackjack? 

No, it’s not difficult to learn how to count cards in Blackjack. However, in an online casino, this technique does not bring as much benefit as when playing in an offline casino. This is due to the shuffling of the deck after each hand, which makes it difficult to control the cards.

Do Blackjack strategies help you win? 

Yes, the competent use of a Blackjack strategy can significantly increase a player’s chances of winning. There is no guarantee of victory, but by practicing using such techniques, you can improve the quality of your game. 

How many points should a player ideally score to win online Blackjack? 

The ideal number of points needed to win Blackjack is 21. You can win by scoring fewer points. However, the casino must then score fewer points than you, or exceed 21 points, which means an automatic defeat.

Is it possible to play online Blackjack from a mobile phone? 

Of course! Play Online Blackjack with your smartphone using the mobile version of the gambling site. Many players prefer to use official online casino apps. They are very convenient and reliable. Keep an eye on the reliability of the Internet connection.